Anti-Fraud and Scam Tips

  • Bootleg and fake items: Don't buy bootleg music, movies, electronics items, apparel, or any other off brand item online or offline.
  • Do not pay for items online without doing your due dillengence about the website. When you pay for items online, you are taking a risk hoping they ship the materials to you. Make sure the website and company is reputable and professional.
  • Thoroughly check out the company online to see whether or not they have any complaints. Check with the Better Business Bureau. Read online reviews.
  • Credit Card payments: Do not pay for items with your credit card unless the website has a secured link for you to make the payment. Make sure the site web address starts with https when you make the payment. The "s" after the http means that it is secure and the payment processor is a reputable company like Google Checkout or Paypal. Do not type your credit card information and email it to the website. That is not secure. You might as well just flush your money down the toilet.
  • Make sure the website or company has a contact phone number so that you can actually talk to them. Websites that sell merchandise and then hide behind emails are suspect.

Inner City List is not responsible for any purchases you make online with any merchants on this website. It is up to your discretion to make a smart decision.